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  • Newsletter for July 2013
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Events that we are attending in July:

July 3-5, 2013: Drug Discovery and Selection (RICT 2013); Nice, France [event page]

Where we will be presenting the following posters:


  • Development of substructural filters for identification of alphascreen Technology Frequent hitters using ToxAlerts platform
  • On-line chemical modeling environment? Public user contributed tools for drug discovery

July 21-25, 2013: Gordon Research Conference on Computer Aided Drug Design, Mount Snow Resort, VT, USA [event page]


Where we will be presenting the following poster:

  • Estimation of errors for regression and classification models using ensemble approaches

For copies of any of the posters or presentations from the events we have attended, please email your request to:

Our latest publications include:





Click here for our publications list

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